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Money Meals – do you dare to cook?!

The ultimate gender challenge

Which is the stronger sex in the kitchen? Two men compete against two women, to answer the ultimate question of: who rules in the kitchen? The teams have just 45 minutes to each prepare a starter, a main course and a dessert, good enough, for a chance to win big. Our impartial juror, two Michelin stars in his own right, gets to decide who will stay and who gets through to the next round.

The winning team is then faced with another decision: Take the money and leave, or risk it all against two new opponents for the opportunity to double their winnings the next day? From 1000 Dollars on day one, to a whooping 10,000 Dollars on a fourth win – our competitors have to be in it to win it. No matter how often they dare to cook – if a team looses, they leave with nothing.

The key 12 ingredients vary every day, and next day’s foodstuff are presented to the winning team only at the end of each show. Does the combination of liver, bananas and bread rolls put them at a loss for recipes, or does their creativity know no bounds? Of course, both teams have the support of our charming host, celebrity chef Steffen Henssler. And there is another way to improve one‘s chances: The teams are quizzed four times throughout the course of each program. Who ever is food-savviest, is rewarded with another ingredient of their choice.

Almost two years on air, Topfgeldjäger (Money Meals) has become a cult classic. It’s popularity amongst young audiences (averaging 6.4 percent within the target audience) largely owed to the thrilling structure of the competition, paired with the most easygoing host on German TV today.

Money Meals, Monday to Friday, 3.05 pm, 52 minutes, ZDF (German public television).

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