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Kitchen Battles - the Ultimate Cook-Off!

Six passionate amateur-cooks, one celebrity chef and just 35 minutes to put a dish on the table. That has been the starting point every Monday for more than four years now. Each week six hopefuls report for duty, hoping to become the winner of Kitchen Battles. Each day one candidate is eliminated, until the two most skilled hobby-chefs face each other in an all-out finale on Friday.

Monday starts relatively tame, when the plat du jour is each candidates all-time favourite dish. Tuesday sees starters on the menu, and Wednesday it is main courses. On Thursday, with only three candidates still in the running, the heat is turned up tremendously: the challenge being, serving up both a main course and a dessert in just over half an hour. Finally, Friday is the big one: A surprise twocourse meal, ingredients chosen by the hosting celebrity-chef. The basic recipe without any guidelines as to the quantity of the ingredients, is given to the two finalists only after Thursday’s semi-finals. Hardly any time to prepare, no time to practise: Now it all comes down to skill... and nerves.

The decision, who has to go home, is made by a different celebrity chef each day. The juror comes in only at the very end of each episode – completely unaware of who cooked what dish. Taste and presentation alone decide, who gets to stay another round. Our winner goes on to be a guest juror on a weekly celebrity cooking program, where he or she gets a say on the celebrities‘ efforts. 1000 episodes, 1200 candidates, 5000 dishes, 200 winners, one great show. Kitchen Battles screens Monday to Friday, 2.15 pm – 3.00 pm, on the ZDF (German public television). Additionally, a 90-minute review of the whole “Kitchen Battles Week“ airs on Saturdays at 11 am.

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