MITTWOCH 17.01.18

Are you smarter than your age?

Putting your brain to the test Whether you’re 25 or 67, your brain may not be as old as the rest of you… In a Grand Primetime event, five celebrities put their minds to it, to find out how “old“ they are – in their heads! The biological age of the guests is made known at the beginning of the program, so at the end their results can be translated into the actual age of their brain. The audience at home can play all games in realtime on the internet, with the „age of their brain“ being given to them at the end, via the webpage. The viewers can alternatively jot down their answers manually, and then compare them to a chart, available on their teletext.

Our candidates are tested on memory, logical thinking, creativity and imagination, multidimensional thinking, and concentration. How well they do, depends on the number of correct answers as well as the time it took to get to the solution. The scoring system of the program is based on an empirical algorithm, developed by Dr. Manfred Korte, reknowned scientist at Braunschweig University of Technology. An empirical study was conducted and the results served as a scientific basis for the „age chart“. Dr. Korte was also the resident expert, throughout the screening of both episodes of the show.

Our minds work in mysterious ways, one may be inclined to think, but sometimes it really just comes down to how we use them. How well your brain works doesn’t solely depend on the knowledge you gained through education and life, but also on other „smart skills“. Are you creative? Can you memorise well? What is logical to you? And, how well can you focus? All these, and many other skills are in demand, when we put your brains to the test!

100 minutes, that are seriously going to rattle your brain!

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